Tuesday, December 29, 2009



christmas was somewhat blurry but ended up being quite pleasant. I have some beautiful vintage brown riding boots arriving in the mail soon to replace my most favorite pair that are long gone. Oh the treachery of long lost favored personal effects. I got some books by albert tennyson, the man of the hour. There is a man for every hour and vise versa. Also this wonderful print of him to add to my portrait collection. But the best gift of all...my brand new nikon D60. I think I drooled a little bit when I unwrapped the box. Here's the greyscale testrun. Happy holidays to the blogger union. Hope yours was swell.

nikon D60 nikon D60 nikon D60

also there was an etsy update so check out the store.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

flashing lights

saw the james island lights then experienced extreem family love and closeness during dinner with the gay side of my family. happy gays. sigh. I fucking love these kids.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

yuletide games

December 17th

I'm not a huge fan of christmas anymore. Probably since I found out santa wasn't real..I was just kind of no longer impressed. But I do like to decorate the tree. Probably the only job I'd ever want in the white house is to decorate that fucking christmas tree. Only today wasn't one of those days where I felt like doing anything but lying around watching old movies with grandma. On contrare, in my severe attempts to HIDE my contempt for christmas cheer; I did the best damn job I could do on that tree. Sitting next to the giant television in the living room; vying for attention. You see it's more selfish for every animate and inanimate peoples or own person involved than you think. Than one would think?

more holly jolly bullshit.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Son of a Preacher Man

December 15

black leotard: thrifted
pink and black poncho dress:thrifted
black leggings: aa
brown ankle boots: thrifted
necklaces: thrifted
vintage black doctors bag: thrifted

Today I had a follow up with a doctor about six blood clots that I had stuck in my uterus. I woke up miserably early due to nerves about the coming days events...and what might be in store. But I showed up, they did an x-ray and somehow I became a medical miracle. Both the nurse and doctor couldn't believe their eyes-exclaiming that my blood clots had absolved themselves on their own. That my body fixed itself. It's the first time I'll have faith in my own chemistry. And hoping and praying that everything is just as it should be. I have so much to post about my trip to florida and other unecessary objects and subjects and rejects and projects. The real deal. And I promise the clothing etsy update will be posted tommorrow! Please check out the store

Etsy Accessory Update

1/2. Vintage Magid Italian clutch; vinyl and snakeskin crisscross pattern.
3.Designer Liz C. locust ankle strap heels; bronzed/antiqued overweaving of shoe.
4.Like new supercandy designer candace ang chainlink necklace with mini-draped fabric and 5 silver studs along fabric.

1. vintage brown leather woven bag with attached white gold drawstring pouch inside.
2. vintage tan leather snakeskin purse with gold detailing and multiple compartments.
3.vintage brown leather toe and ankle strap wedges with hemp tri-colored design along wedge.
4.vintage slate ballet flats with bows on the toes. SZ 7

1. vintage suede teal pumps by designer Charles Jourdan of Paris
2. vintage satin purple slingbacks with black polkadots and bows on back; Valentina Carrona.
3.vintage white cutout weave patterned tennis shoes-never been worn.
4.vintage troyling bright yellow pumps with lace detailing

1.vintage patent leather black bow purse/changeable to a clutch.
2.handmade feather headband; feather feature over purple rouched fabric.
3.handmade bronze fishwire necklace with bead formation and autumn colored feather in middle.
4. vintage black ankle biker booties; 1990's chunky heel and cross-loop for buckle on each shoe.

Hello everyone. I'm just getting back from florida and I'm so groggy from doing this etsy update for hours on end. And this is only the PARTIAL of the accessories. Just wait for the clothes. Anyway-I'll have much more to share and post tomorrow when my brain is no longer mush, and my fingers aren't crinkled to the bone. visit the store.

All descriptions of items up on etsy b

Friday, December 11, 2009

face forward

so cooped up, bogged down, and stressed out. shut the fuck up and breathe already.

had to tell myself that over and over because I get so nervous with cameras.
Glenda and Michelle from rad new fashion blog a la moda gm so graciously asked if I could help them out this month by being their "in the closet" story for december!
Naturally, being so honored and flattered I accepted. Glenda and Michelle did all the styling from some of my favorite personal wardrobe pieces; and our prime photographer, paige schaberg snagged some really inspired shots. I'm so thankful to the whole girl gang for this day-once in a blue moon baby. Transferance yourselves over to a la moda; and paige schaberg on flickr; these ladies are well worth the browsing.

p.s. double post today-etsy update looming.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Etsy Update

Etsy Update

1. vintage black sheer overlay/dress with vintage portrait patches sz. s-m
2. vintage white lace short sleeve overlay/blouse sz. s
3. vintage urban renewal beige vest with grey/blue marbled swirl on neckline sz. s
4. vintage crocheted yellow cape with ball tassles sz. s-m
5. vintage deep red dress with lace lapel on left chest sz. s-m
6. vintage black mini-dress with bronze diamond detailing sz. s-m

visit the store!

technological anarchist

mom did buy me this new ashtray that I adore.

I am irate at the moment because I detest my mother's stone age computer; that's ALWAYS getting virus's, is completely slow, and can't manage to save me when I've sat here for 45 minutes trying to do an etsy update-uploading and editing photos, posting them on my flickr, here and ON ETSY. And trying to have a nice time, and a nice blog post, but instead I'm pissed because I just lost everything I had been working on for hours. Thankyou dell, for destroying my daily contentment and happiness. I want my own laptop so badly.

I promise the etsy and blog update will happen after I cool off, reboot this damn machine, and go smoke a cigarette. Oh and did I mention the flash on my camera broke? nice; very nice.

you should go to the fuck my life link under transferance. it's beyond fitting.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I woke up it was a chelsea morning

1. Where is your phone? tied up in the basement til' it talks.
2. Your hair? uneven bangs in my eyes.
3. Your Mother? painting plastic purse handles.
4. Your Father? running a giant golfball cartel out of a still existing communist russia...I have no idea.
5. Your favorite food? chicken and a waffle?
6. Your dream last night? I was stoned
7. Your favorite drink? coca cola classic
8. Your dream/goal? to decide on ONE dreamgoal.
9. What room are you in? my room/mom's office. it's a duplicity of haphazard.
10. Your hobbies? waking up and falling asleep
11. Your fear? submarines. not being in one-swimming in the ocean and watching it loom in the distance. it doesn't make any sense
12. (is missing)
13. Where were you last night? cleaning out my life
14. Something that you're not? not challenged
15. Muffins? palestinian war muffins?
16. Wishlist item? security. camera...separate things.
17. Where did you grow up? fresno, CA...charleston, SC.
18. Last thing you did? made my bed. it's 10p.m.
19. What are you wearing? ripped jeans and a red leotard. leotard is the dorkiest word in the english language I think.
20. Your TV? whistling at me from the room next door.
21. Your pets? wishful thinking
22. Friends? out of reach
23. Your life? gifts of dreaming occasional silent sorrows. and fucking loudness all the time...even if it's really fucking quiet. yeah to you, maybe.
24. Your mood? lackadaisical
25. Missing someone? yeah
26. Vehicle? no
27. Something you're not wearing? my pride
28. Your favorite store? the cornered stores
29. Your favorite color? red, yellow, dark grey
30. The last time you cried? Yesterday
31. Whens the last time you laughed? earlier
32. Your favorite quote? FUCK MT. PLEASANT.
33. One place that I go to over and over? francis marion state park
34. Facebook? sadly true, and truly sad.
35. Where do you eat? with the pack
found a new blog this girl rules

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Etsy Update

Vintage Brown Bowler

black velvet coat dress

just a few new additions to my ever-growing etsy family. visit the store

something is very wrong with my formatting as you can tell-I have no idea what the problem is. If anyone can help; please let me know!

Mozart of the Pickpockets

this is only an excerpt. but I love it.

I got my head checked by a jumbo jet. it wasn't easy. I love blur.

And I want her swimming cap desperately.