Monday, November 30, 2009

the english army had just won the war

my life
my life

my life

through the looking glass into my little life. what is it they say? valuable; but small. I'm not sure exactly what transcendental moments give life meaning but I know it's not the material or the objective. It's the feeling you become overwhelmed with when you see a picture of you being yourself. the feeling of you in your sometimes quiet, safe corner where you can feel comfortable and have peace. your favorite blurry childhood photograph.
and all the sweet melodies that ring sound through your ears while you caudle the emotions attached to these simple objects until you recycle into a new begining. a wonderous new begining out in the wild wild world.

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goodnight unpleasant void. I know you mean well.

worry wart


well. this is how I feel today, and have been feeling. I've been repeating this horrible tick over and over where I wake up in a state of panic. OH MY GOD! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT is it that I'm so worried about. I feel as if I'm so borderline that I can't conclude whether I'm acting irrationally on a rational thought or emotion; or acting RATIONALLY on an IRRATIONAL thought or emotion. It doesn't make any sense. I almost deleted the blog this morning. Out of a sheer whim. And probably would've regretted it tomorrow. It's disastrous and causes me much undo anxiety and occasional pain. I'm the minuteman who has to call upon the troops to rally together against a sudden attack of intruders but all my troops have flown the coop and hightailed it out west. To find the real gold. Not sitting in this trench where I'm stuck-worrying.

Here's some pictures from a really nice day I had this summer with some animals and sunshine.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I went to see fantastic mr. fox tonight with a very patient friend who watched me both obnoxiously, and probably illegally take pictures the whole time.

I've got that fleeting thought pattern problem. issue. uh,OH PLEASE SURRENDER ME! YOU DEITY SWINE! YOU MENACE! okay okay okay. it was then I learned that you pay to live but it's free to die. Are you writing this down. Did I read this somewhere today?

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Friday, November 27, 2009

robbing banks

Today I feel like the bank is robbing me. which everyone does I'm sure.
My mom found out her favorite teller at her bank today went to highschool with me...and now this girl knows everything about my life. Including that she was the one handling business when my brother was stealing thousands of dollars from her bank account over the last six months. How special is that.

November 27
November 27

outfit: everything is thrifted!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


sullivan's island

my thanksgiving was oddly inspiring from sunrise to the effervescent sunset.
I woke up at six, made some coffee when I stole through my big windowed peripheral a look at the lazy fog settled over the lake in my back yard. My favorite place to be. So I threw on my grandmothers vintage red coat for contrast and took pictures. It was truly surreal.
we had a whatever thanksgiving supper.
I made the table centerpiece out of shrubs dead berries and decaying foliage that was freshly chopped down
into a mound in our front yard. Decaying trees should never be thrown to the wayside. I made my very own autumn leaf headband feeling fluttery and dirty at the same time.
yet this felt productive.
before pie, we made it to the beach.

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a house of breakables

there was a bathroom attendant in your building as child. you didn't like him- just too smiley for your taste. sure, he would blindly assist you everyday in your most private of personal occasion. yes, he looks like he should be your friend. but you shun him. you shun him silently. restless on your soiled mattress and pillow at night thinking of him curled up beseeched in the coat closet near the kennedy suite right by his office. the bathroom. le toilet. the lu. the wc. his hell. your saving grace. not wanting to go home to think about wanting to come to work again.

then you're in highschool and all the cronies wanna know questions. and they wanna know answers. but they can't have them. no, not today;not while you're already teetering over the porcelain excuse in the girlies vanity room, gruffly flipping your wet head and raccoon eyes to the girl with the pearls.madame bijoux. "get the fuck out!" you say. the fist curls and plummets from your magnetized chest cavity into shards and shards of glass. her face was breakable.don't worry blood comes out just about anything.

more eventful pictures and ideas tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009


november 23

mustard sweater: thrifted
plaid button up: thrifted
brown high waist shorts: thrifted
grey tights: thrifted
grey furry cap: thrifted
brown woven shoes: thrifted
red woven belt: thrifted

new bangs
December 2nd
I needed a haircut; wanted something new but not too drastic. so yesterday I got bangs. yes.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

death of a salesman

my mom and I started working for this couple, karl and sandra korn who moved from beverly hills to charleston a few months ago-with two households worth of junk in tow. we're being paid to reorganize the clutter; sell big ticket items; interior decorate and hold smaller estate type sales to soften the load. it's been so much work for very little pay. I began to wonder why I even got involved in the first place. we had our second big sale this morning at the townhouse where they simply store all their extra stuff...stuff stuff stuff. everywhere! it was a pretty huge success. and I got to listen to sandra tell me about her second husband that whole-heartedly offered to kill their 3 year old daughter asleep in the bedroom upstairs one night in order to prove his love and loyalty to his wife. have I dropped into a rare wormhole of the western gone southern manson family? with secrets and lies, spies and alibies. it's high time I take a nap and dream about my bizarre day.

the cuckoos nest

sometimes I can't fathom the reasoning behind some peoples self loathing. especially when it's for obvious self assurance, pat-on-the-back brownie points. just for attention. if you're gonna hate yourself-have your cake and eat it too already. i went to anson's surprise birthday party tonight. we had a bonfire in the yard where all the birthday hats crumbled into ash and soot-and the people cheered.
and i'm so sleepy right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

strong armed

where there's a will, there's a way. and I guess there's finally a will. hello everyone; my name is chelsea. and this is my blog. I went to hampton park with a friend the other day and took some pictures-the trees are always best during the fall. it's like they know something we don't about enhancing the beauty of the they wrap around and grow for miles.