Saturday, November 21, 2009

death of a salesman

my mom and I started working for this couple, karl and sandra korn who moved from beverly hills to charleston a few months ago-with two households worth of junk in tow. we're being paid to reorganize the clutter; sell big ticket items; interior decorate and hold smaller estate type sales to soften the load. it's been so much work for very little pay. I began to wonder why I even got involved in the first place. we had our second big sale this morning at the townhouse where they simply store all their extra stuff...stuff stuff stuff. everywhere! it was a pretty huge success. and I got to listen to sandra tell me about her second husband that whole-heartedly offered to kill their 3 year old daughter asleep in the bedroom upstairs one night in order to prove his love and loyalty to his wife. have I dropped into a rare wormhole of the western gone southern manson family? with secrets and lies, spies and alibies. it's high time I take a nap and dream about my bizarre day.

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