Thursday, November 26, 2009


sullivan's island

my thanksgiving was oddly inspiring from sunrise to the effervescent sunset.
I woke up at six, made some coffee when I stole through my big windowed peripheral a look at the lazy fog settled over the lake in my back yard. My favorite place to be. So I threw on my grandmothers vintage red coat for contrast and took pictures. It was truly surreal.
we had a whatever thanksgiving supper.
I made the table centerpiece out of shrubs dead berries and decaying foliage that was freshly chopped down
into a mound in our front yard. Decaying trees should never be thrown to the wayside. I made my very own autumn leaf headband feeling fluttery and dirty at the same time.
yet this felt productive.
before pie, we made it to the beach.

check out more pictures on my flickr
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