Monday, November 30, 2009

worry wart


well. this is how I feel today, and have been feeling. I've been repeating this horrible tick over and over where I wake up in a state of panic. OH MY GOD! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT is it that I'm so worried about. I feel as if I'm so borderline that I can't conclude whether I'm acting irrationally on a rational thought or emotion; or acting RATIONALLY on an IRRATIONAL thought or emotion. It doesn't make any sense. I almost deleted the blog this morning. Out of a sheer whim. And probably would've regretted it tomorrow. It's disastrous and causes me much undo anxiety and occasional pain. I'm the minuteman who has to call upon the troops to rally together against a sudden attack of intruders but all my troops have flown the coop and hightailed it out west. To find the real gold. Not sitting in this trench where I'm stuck-worrying.

Here's some pictures from a really nice day I had this summer with some animals and sunshine.

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