Friday, December 11, 2009

face forward

so cooped up, bogged down, and stressed out. shut the fuck up and breathe already.

had to tell myself that over and over because I get so nervous with cameras.
Glenda and Michelle from rad new fashion blog a la moda gm so graciously asked if I could help them out this month by being their "in the closet" story for december!
Naturally, being so honored and flattered I accepted. Glenda and Michelle did all the styling from some of my favorite personal wardrobe pieces; and our prime photographer, paige schaberg snagged some really inspired shots. I'm so thankful to the whole girl gang for this day-once in a blue moon baby. Transferance yourselves over to a la moda; and paige schaberg on flickr; these ladies are well worth the browsing.

p.s. double post today-etsy update looming.

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