Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Son of a Preacher Man

December 15

black leotard: thrifted
pink and black poncho dress:thrifted
black leggings: aa
brown ankle boots: thrifted
necklaces: thrifted
vintage black doctors bag: thrifted

Today I had a follow up with a doctor about six blood clots that I had stuck in my uterus. I woke up miserably early due to nerves about the coming days events...and what might be in store. But I showed up, they did an x-ray and somehow I became a medical miracle. Both the nurse and doctor couldn't believe their eyes-exclaiming that my blood clots had absolved themselves on their own. That my body fixed itself. It's the first time I'll have faith in my own chemistry. And hoping and praying that everything is just as it should be. I have so much to post about my trip to florida and other unecessary objects and subjects and rejects and projects. The real deal. And I promise the clothing etsy update will be posted tommorrow! Please check out the store

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