Tuesday, December 8, 2009

technological anarchist

mom did buy me this new ashtray that I adore.

I am irate at the moment because I detest my mother's stone age computer; that's ALWAYS getting virus's, is completely slow, and can't manage to save me when I've sat here for 45 minutes trying to do an etsy update-uploading and editing photos, posting them on my flickr, here and ON ETSY. And trying to have a nice time, and a nice blog post, but instead I'm pissed because I just lost everything I had been working on for hours. Thankyou dell, for destroying my daily contentment and happiness. I want my own laptop so badly.

I promise the etsy and blog update will happen after I cool off, reboot this damn machine, and go smoke a cigarette. Oh and did I mention the flash on my camera broke? nice; very nice.

you should go to the fuck my life link under transferance. it's beyond fitting.

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