Friday, December 4, 2009

there are worse things than to be a swinger of birches

all my life I've held a fascination with trees. the one I fell from when a branch cracked and snapped plummeting me down and down to it's crooked and torn roots. but I survived and simply stared back in wonder. grant's tree, the second largest tree on earth in the redwood forest of california where I grew up; going to the same camp, seeing the same magnificent giant for years on end...and never growing tired of it's transient beauty. What has probably grossed my attention most are the red trees. The fire on a hillside. the sea of unscathed crimson limbs begging for attention dangling from a cliff. and have I ever given it to them.the attention.

 UNDIVIDED. the one image that will haunt me indefinitely is the still scene of the sun crossing over the red tree outside the cabin in the movie the ring. illuminating and terrifying. I think it captured my entire life in a flash. a supersonic flash of red, that I never saw coming.

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