Saturday, January 16, 2010

dirty pretty things

black linen jumpsuit: thrifted
black straw fedora: thrifted in savannah
striped long sleeve blouse: thrifted
brown leather woven belt: thrifted
black and purple cheetah print jeans: thrifted
dark tan slip on mary janes: walmart
black leather jacket: thrifted

I went to savannah for the day with my mom, older brother and grandmother. It was essentially a trip to go to the beach, visit SCAD, and go thrifting. But what great trip isn't? I recently applied to Savannah College of Art and Design with my visual art portfolio and some photos (which is primarily what I would like to focus on) and I simply wanted to get a lay of the land down there in Georgia. I absolutely love the campus; not to mention the city is ever so charming. Crossing my fingers for the letter in the mail that I've been I can get on with the life I've wanted for myself for so long.

Post Script:
I got two pairs of these amazing leggings that look like jeans! They fit great and aren't too bulky like true denim...I got them in a sort of ash black and bright blue. New wardrobe staples. Also I cleaned out my wardrober and color coded all garments. I feel like a new woman...venturing back into girl world with light and feathery baby steps.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

east of eden

Sorry I've been on such an exciting adventure with color wars but our computer crashed. So It won't re-continue until tomorrow or possibly the day after which is pretty much a huge bummer. I hope you haven't given up just yet! back soon.

<3 chelsea

p.s. I'm going to savannah tomorrow so I promise on my honor an awesome new post soon, new pictures, and new etsy stuff! See you on the other side of the moor. Oh and I watched east of eden based off one of my favorite books by john steinbeck-starring james dean. Seriously-aside from being beautiful; he's one of the greatest method actors of our time. And I can't get enough of him. Watch!

east of eden

east of eden

east of eden

Monday, January 11, 2010

color wars: yellow

color wars: yellow

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”- coco chanel

January 11 2010

photos: charles hood

The next stop on the color train is the daisy of them all; yellow. Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow will advance from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy as well as spark creative thoughts; and most creative when worked into a fabulous wardrobe. Yellow brightens skin pigment and can be worn by anyone of any color and still look incredible. From pale canary yellow for light skin tones to a vibrant neon yellow for medium/tan skin tones and the everfescent bright bold sunflower yellow for the darkest of skin tones-nomatter what type, yellow always shines on throughout the day or night.

How yellow affects us mentally and physically:
Mentally stimulating
Stimulates the nervous system
Activates memory
Encourages communication

Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra, also known as Manipura. This chakra is located in the stomach area and is linked to organs &muscular system in that area.

The Solar Plexus chakra is representative of vitality and will. When this chakra is open, it acts to empower a person and help them find their personal strength. It will help turn dreams and goals into reality. Yellow can be a powerhouse for making an impression with vitality and displaying the "who's boss;" scenario; yet with a sweet disposition-which few other colors possess. I pine for yellow in the presense of an evening gown-pure and incandescent. Here Eva Mendes shows the perfected mix of a ladylike who's boss; and chloe turns neon yellow into a summer must staple.

my best yellow: the soft button-up blouse

This is my favorite yellow top-very soft with simple ruffle detail around the neck and buttons up the front; I can wear it over a blouse or bodysuit in the summer; or as a blouse tucked into some rockin' black leggings and black pumps for a cold weather go-to. My mood is instantaneously uplifted everytime I wear anything of this hue; and mustard yellow will be my prefered color until the end of time.

your best yellow: the vintage lace pump

work it:
These gorgeous designer vintage pumps are ready-to-wear for daytime with skinny jeans and layers on top or at night with a short, tight bright dress of another color. You win either way.

Vintage designer yellow heels with slight lace detailing at the arch of foot on either side; about 2 inch heels in great condition with only slight wear on the sole. Fit for a size 7; now available on etsy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

color wars: red

Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit.
George Santayana (1863-1952) American philosopher and poet.

January 10 2010

red blazer: thrifted
dark grey velour sweater: thrifted
black and silver rope belt: thrifted
light grey leopard leggings: walmart
black and white italian leather heels: thrifted
silver handbag: thrifted

The first stop in the land of color is red. Red has more personal associations than any other color. Recognized as a stimulant red is inherently exciting and the amount of red in an outfit is directly related to the level of energy perceived.

Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element-whether it be a vibrant red blazer or a simple red pouty lip...the eyes will immediately fixate on the single bright flash of color.

The color red has been proven to:
Increase enthusiasm
Stimulate energy
Encourage action and confidence
Create a sense of protection from fears and anxiety
Aid in relief of migraine headaches

red: guy bourdin

red: guy bourdin

Red is the color for the base or root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and allows us to be grounded and connect to the universal energies.
First chakra, base of the spine. Groundedness, trust, belonging, and lessens feelings of mistrust. Valentino stands most infamous for his use of the color red in fashion-most of all; the red dress. The evening gown...a lovely red breeze of a lady floating through the room. It wasn’t until the late 1970’s that Valentino would first discover his love of the color red, or rosso valentino, as it is now often referred to.
Here the story gets a little fuzzy… as I found three different scenarios of this “aha” moment. All three have Valentino visiting Barcelona…. the first suggests he was at the circus and spotted the color, the second is that he was at the Opera and was enchanted by a red costumed diva, and the third that it was on this trip that he first meet editor-extraordinaire Diane Vreeland who infected him with her love (and also signature color) of red.
Whatever the events, the color had a strong impact on his aesthetic from there on out.
“Red has guts…. deep, strong, dramatic. A geranium red. A Goya red…. to be used like gold for furnishing a house… for clothes, it is strong, like black and white” he said.
“Women usually prefer to wear black at events because it makes them feel safe, however, if there’s one woman wearing red, she will inevitably be the eye-catcher of the evening. It’s as though the room is suddenly illuminated- simply perfect for a grand-entrance”.

red: valentino

A blond in a red dress can do without introductions - but not without a bodyguard.
Rona Jaffe
my best red: the satchel

I personally love the outstanding nature of the color red. My mother calls this the vagabond bag because everytime she wants to borrow it; I've already lent it out to someone. Large, soft vibrant red leather's a black hole but I absolutely adore it. When I wear lipstick; I seem to only wear red. When I wear nailpolish; I seem to only wear red. There is a constant gravitational pull with me and the first of the primaries. Just a little touch; or the whole shibang. Red compels me to be social, strong and elegant. Love affair for life.

your best red: the casual dress

Work it:
This dress will dazzle with some two tone front and back leggings; little bootie heels, a long piecy sweater under a structured jean jacket and maybe an american apparel circle scarf around the neck. Made to upstage; not to be upstaged.

A soft thick cotton dress with long sleeves, 7 dark and light brown buttons up the front center; two pleated pockets on either side of the chest as well as below the waist. Elastic waistband with like fabric red tie to wrap and adjust. Best fit for size small or medium; now for sale on etsy

Tune in tomorrow for color wars: yellow

Thursday, January 7, 2010

street dreams are made of these

after hiding away for months now; I happened to run into a dear lady friend of mine at the post office of all places. We made a pact to hang out two nights ago because she was intending to leave yesterday and I got the brilliant idea to ask her to model some clothes for my etsy. When she came to pick me up at my house I opened the car door and lugged two big bags of clothes into the backseat and claimed that it was serious business; and instead of laughing at my absurd comment, she said "okay." And the rest was history. We had such a great time doing makeup and styling what turned into a full on photo shoot; it all solidified the fact that I love being behind the camera so much more than in front of it. Paige did a fantastic job as a model as well; I was truly blown away. Now she's back in tennessee, and I'm here with all her beautiful leftovers. Make sure to check out the store and my flickr for all the great photos. Hope the new year is treating everyone with kindness and fortitude.