Saturday, January 16, 2010

dirty pretty things

black linen jumpsuit: thrifted
black straw fedora: thrifted in savannah
striped long sleeve blouse: thrifted
brown leather woven belt: thrifted
black and purple cheetah print jeans: thrifted
dark tan slip on mary janes: walmart
black leather jacket: thrifted

I went to savannah for the day with my mom, older brother and grandmother. It was essentially a trip to go to the beach, visit SCAD, and go thrifting. But what great trip isn't? I recently applied to Savannah College of Art and Design with my visual art portfolio and some photos (which is primarily what I would like to focus on) and I simply wanted to get a lay of the land down there in Georgia. I absolutely love the campus; not to mention the city is ever so charming. Crossing my fingers for the letter in the mail that I've been I can get on with the life I've wanted for myself for so long.

Post Script:
I got two pairs of these amazing leggings that look like jeans! They fit great and aren't too bulky like true denim...I got them in a sort of ash black and bright blue. New wardrobe staples. Also I cleaned out my wardrober and color coded all garments. I feel like a new woman...venturing back into girl world with light and feathery baby steps.


  1. ooo la la. You look tres cool ma darlin'

  2. I miss when my closet was color-coordinated. I have a much smaller closet now than when I was in college - imagine that! Also, love these photos... amaaaaazing.

  3. Wow. Awsome pictures!


    P.S. I'm setting up a little trade community over on my blog if you fancy taking a look :)

  4. Amazing pictures, the black and white looks stunning. The setting goes so well with the outfit. xxx