Thursday, January 7, 2010

street dreams are made of these

after hiding away for months now; I happened to run into a dear lady friend of mine at the post office of all places. We made a pact to hang out two nights ago because she was intending to leave yesterday and I got the brilliant idea to ask her to model some clothes for my etsy. When she came to pick me up at my house I opened the car door and lugged two big bags of clothes into the backseat and claimed that it was serious business; and instead of laughing at my absurd comment, she said "okay." And the rest was history. We had such a great time doing makeup and styling what turned into a full on photo shoot; it all solidified the fact that I love being behind the camera so much more than in front of it. Paige did a fantastic job as a model as well; I was truly blown away. Now she's back in tennessee, and I'm here with all her beautiful leftovers. Make sure to check out the store and my flickr for all the great photos. Hope the new year is treating everyone with kindness and fortitude.

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