Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the bounty hunter

My friend Andrew really did wonders for my personal happiness yesterday. He's currently living in this old couples upscale home in Mt. Pleasant just living and working on the house-and cultivating an incredible array of beautiful keepsakes from strangers. He let me root through some garbage bags of purged items and I found this incredible selection of nude photographs of the diseased man's wife and a bountiful load of other beautiful snapshots; an antique exposure meeter for film camera's with a leather case, some other odds and ends and the coup de gras was my choice of hats! He allowed me one to take home so I chose this gorgeous vintage saks fifth avenue heather grey bowler cap with a chin strap that is to die for! It was my dream day...and I thank Andrew immensely for my pirate booty now nestled happily among the rents of my clutter.

Monday, February 1, 2010

boyfriend manual

I've been gone forever. I'm terrible at keeping up with internet appearances; especially when I have so much real life going on. Real life; and new life. I got a new boyfriend :) WE're very compatible-and I love all his friends. Which has never happened to me before. However; he's 21 and I'm 23. The actual numbers are not a problem but the experiences are. There are things I expect of him that he doesn't understand. So aside from being adorable; I hope one day he can be reliable. And we can live happily ever after among the flowers and weeds. Also; Robbi and I were the resident makeup artists for the Charleston Youth Company Production of the Little Mermaid. Look how amazing these girls are.